From a Military Hospital to a green place to live and work

The place has been known as the Military Hospital of Antwerp since the beginning of the last century. It indeed fulfilled that function until 1993. The city of Antwerp then bought the site. They wanted to integrate the area into the existing city and turn it into a residential area with new green spaces. Nowadays, "'t Groen Kwartier" as it is called is a place to live and work in the middle of the city. Almost 400 families can live there. The development of the new district started in 2005 and ended in 2019.

Picture by Matexi

During the development of the project, the historic buildings have been preserved as much as possible, the former pavilions and the preserved North-South buildings were furnished as homes, the original chapel has become a restaurant, creative start-up companies are brought together in the former boiler rooms, the monastery is a hotel and offices are housed in the General Staff building. A suitable destination was also sought for the gatehouse.

In the former chapel of "'t Groen Kwartier", top chef Sergio Herman opened his new restaurant The Jane in early 2014. It is no coincidence that the top chef not only wants to serve good food in his new restaurant but wants to create a complete concept around it. 'T Groen Kwartier and the central chapel require a multidisciplinary approach. In 2015, The Jane was named the most beautiful restaurant in the world by the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

André Duval, founder and ex-CEO of the famous advertising agency Duval Guillaume, also chose "'t Groen Kwartier". In the boiler rooms, he brings together creative entrepreneurs with the most diverse backgrounds. They work together in each other's studios, in open spaces that give every opportunity to open minds and new ideas.