Why Belgians eat their world famous fries with mayonnaise

Everyone should know by now that fries are originally Belgian and not French. But what far fewer people know is the reason why Belgians prefer to eat their fries with mayonnaise and not with ketchup as they are so often offered in fast-food restaurants and food stands around the world.

Ketchup has had a prominent place in our sauces rack for years, but when it comes to eating fries, you better go for mayonnaise. And here is the reason why: The taste of the fries is emphasized by mayonnaise, while ketchup is predominant because of the strong tomato flavor, they practically ruin the taste of the fries by giving them a sour taste.

The original recipe for this mayonnaise is simple. Its made with eggs, sunflower oil, vinegar, pepper, and salt. Sometimes with a little lemon juice, but never with sugar. So now you know why the Belgians eat their world-famous fries with mayonnaise and not with ketchup.


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