Cycling through the Trees

In the Pijnven forest in Hechtel-Eksel, a village in the Belgian province of Limburg, you can literally cycle through the trees. It is an iconic bicycle bridge that allows you to cycle between the treetops in the Bosland nature reserve. With this innovative cycling experience, the makers want to put an extra experience on the Limburg cycling route network, Limburg's greatest tourist asset!

Picture By Harry Fabel
Picture by Harry Fabel

The bicycle bridge has the shape of a double circle with a diameter of 100 meters and is no less than 700 meters long, it rises gradually (3-4%) to a height of 10 meters. By opening up the beautiful forest so spectacularly, visitors can experience this nature on a very special way. You see, feel and smell Bosland's natural beauty. From a bird's eye view!

Access to the forest and the bridge is free, you can find it at this address: Kiefhoekstraat 16, Hechtel-Eksel.


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