More or less art in Tessenderlo

The artist-designer Frits Jeuris is a repurposer, which means that he transforms old waste materials into works of art and design objects. For the LOMAK, an local Belgian art initiative, he made "More or Less", a strange but remarkably piece of recycled art that is setup in the small town of Tessenderlo. "More or Less" is the latest member of his "Think a head" family.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Frits Jeuris is also a collage artist, You can almost always literally experience what goes on in his head.  Working from the limitation feed he gets, his inspiration and adrenaline offer you something refreshing as an evidence. This seemingly simple and almost lifelike logic is his trademark.  This time he created a kinetic sculpture. "More or less". shows the tension between weak and strong, sensitivity and hardness, small and large ... because in the future small will become big! At least, that is what the artist tells about this work.

Picture by Harry Fabel

For others, its a kind of a binoculars that allow you to see inside a small living room, or something like that. To take a look inside what some locals of the town call the smallest museum in the world.

You can find the artwork on the market Square, between the town hall and the church of Tessenderlo, Belgium. 


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