Belgian fries are everywhere

The fries stands are a typically Belgian thing. You can find them in all shapes all over the country. Sometimes in a mobile form for markets and events or they are built into a caravan or wooden chalet. There are also fries shops on the ground floor of ordinary houses. One thing is for sure fries have been popular in Belgium for over a hundred years. In fact, the Belgians invented the fries after all and nobody can make them better than they do.

Picture by Harry Fabel

These fries shops are not part of large international chain restaurants but are usually run by self-employed people. Everything in these fries stands and houses revolves around fried products, not only the potatoes but also the meat snacks that go with them.

It is a typical Belgian custom that you can hardly find in any country and the Belgians are proud of that. Some have their regular fries day once a week, usually on Sunday. Then they sometimes queue for minutes to get their portion of fried gold, supplemented with their favorite cold sauce and piece of meat. So next time you visit Belgium it's a must-do, eat real Belgian fries at a fries shop!