Namur, a surprising city for tourists

As usual, the European Best Destinations travel website asked more than 600,000 travelers about their favorite European destination and a Belgian city shines in the top ten. With Belgian cities we think of Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège ... These are without a doubt the best-known destinations in our country, but they nevertheless did not get a place on the list.

Picture by Pixabay

Namely, it is the Walloon capital of Namur that ended up in seventh place.  The description on the website is as follows: “It is an incredibly charming city that combines the Belgian surrealism of Brussels with the romance of Budapest or Bruges.

Picture by Pixabay

Namur is without a doubt the most interesting destination in Belgium. Moreover, the city is not limited to relaxation and well-being but offers numerous outdoor activities for young and old. Needless to say that Namur also has a very rich history. So it's high time to discover this Belgian gem if you haven't already. Here is the European Best Destinations top fifteen of 2019
  1.  Colmar (France)
  2.  Athens (Greece)
  3.  Tbilissi (Georgia)
  4.  Vienna Austria)
  5.  Cascais (Portugal)
  6.  Sibiu (Romania)
  7.  Namur (Belgium)
  8.  Rijeka (Croatia)
  9.  Paris (France)
  10.  Budgoszcz (Poland)
  11.  Rome (Italy)
  12.  Heviz (Hungary)
  13.  Cork (Ireland)
  14.  Rochefort-Océan (France)
  15.  Minorca (Spain)

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