Walk of the dead in Diksmuide

The Diksmuide walk of the dead is the only preserved Belgian trench system from the First World War. The corresponding interpretation center was completely renewed in 2014. With the help of fifteen interactive applications, life-size photos, films, and more than a hundred original objects, you will discover the story of the infamous Death Walk.

Picture by Pixabay

There is ample attention to life and death in the Belgian trenches and the personal stories of the dead crawl under your skin. You walk over a giant aerial photo from 1916 with which you can compare the landscape of then and now. In addition to the Belgian trench network, a German bunker has been included in the course since last year that allows both sides of the war story to be told. During the war the hell of the soldiers, a tourist attraction since 1919 that leaves no one untouched.

You can find it at this address: Dodengang visitor center, Ijzerdijk 65 Diksmuide. Opening hours: From April 1 to November 15: daily from 10 am to 6 pm. From November 16 to March 30: Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 am to 4 pm.