Belgium's World Famous Ganda Ham

Ganda Ham is a world famous Belgian dried ham, which has obtained a specific taste through the process of drying salts and maturing. The ham has its origins in the 1950s, when Roger Cornelis and his wife Maria Mattheeuws founded a butcher's shop in Wetteren, a small town near the city of Ghent.

For the production of the naturally dried Ham, only 3 ingredients are used: pork, sea salt and ... time. No nitrites, flavorings or colorings are added. The traditional process of drying salts and natural ripening have a specific and rich aroma as a result. The Ham is dried and matured naturally for a minimum of 10 to 16 months.

The name Ganda comes from the Old-Celtic name for the city of Ghent and indicates the confluence of the rivers Leie, Schelde and Lieve. Today the Ham is a Flemish regional product recognized by the Flemish Center for Agro and Fisheries Marketing.

Picture by Pixabay

Ganda Ham is rich in biologically valuable proteins and also contains little fat, most of which consists of unsaturated fatty acids. The Ham is used in all kinds of typically Belgian recipes.

Ganda, the company that produces the Ham, works with around 44 employees delivering 3350 hams a week. In 2012, the Ganda Ham was awarded with a Gold Star Superior Taste Award from the International Taste & Quality Institute for its exceptional Taste.

Picture by Pixabay
So whenever you are in Belgium try to get hold a this extraordinary delikatesy. That is, if you are not an vagitarian of course.