The statue of Pieter Bruegel in Brussels

The statue of Pieter Bruegel the Elder was inaugurated in November 2015 at the Chapel Church in Brussels. It is a bronze statue made by sculptor Tom Frantzen. The statue was placed at the Chapel Church where the famous painter is buried.

Picture by Pixabay

Bruegel spent years of his life in Brussels and painted his most famous works there. But he did receive a lot of the respect of the city because he was a Flemish painter who had moved from Antwerp to Brussels. Even centuries later, French-speaking Brussels politicians sabotaged the installation of Bruegel's statue for more than 13 years.

The statue suggests Bruegel with a monkey on his shoulder, a monkey with a funnel on his head, symbolizing the satirical spirit of Bruegel. The painter and the monkey look in the same direction. What is the artist painting? He paints the evolution of life, he observes, he transposes, just as he always did.