St. Gummarus church in Lier

The current Saint Gummarus church was built on the site of a Roman parish church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The construction of the church began in 1378 and lasted for about 200 years. This is why the lower sections are purely gothic, the middle baroque and the rococo tower.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The builders and architects were the Keldermans and De Waghemakere families. The most notable and remarkable things about the church are the imposing silver reliquary of Saint Gummarus and the unique Royal stained glass windows (1516-1519) donated by Maximilian of Austria on the occasion of the appointment of Charles V as Duke of Brabant. They were made by court glazier Nicolaas Rombauts. Another glass window, The crowning of Our Lady belongs to the absolute top of late Gothic glass window art in the Duchy of Brabant.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The colibrant triptych painting made by Goossen van der Weyden is made in 1516. The church also houses a city of Liers copy of the Turin shroud of Jesus Christ. 

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