Castle Starrenhof in Kapellen

The Starrenhof castle is a relatively young castle. It was built in 1881 in Flemish Renaissance style designed by architect De Grooff and commissioned by baron Gaston Cogels. In 1901 the castle area - especially on the west side was rebuilt and almost doubled in size.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In 1930 the castle was purchased by the catholic order Brothers of Scheppers and it was used as a monastery. In 1956 the North Wing was added to a design by architect E. Verschueren. On the east side of the castle grounds, the coach house and the stables dating back to 1884 also were rebuilt. The whole estate was surrounded by a brick closing wall with fences and turrets with a circular arch gate. Around the castle is a small garden.

Picture by Harry Fabel

At the moment the castle is owned by a private company and it is not open to the public.

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