Visite Bruges by carriage

A carriage ride through the historic winding streets of Bruges starts at the Marketplace, on Wednesday morning at the 'Burg'. The ride last about half an hour. Halfway the horse and carriage will briefly stop at the Begijnhof. During the ride, the coachman gives expert explanations about the history of the city.

Picture by Pixabay

You can compare a Bruges coot ride with that of a standard sightseeing bus ride. You pass the most important historical sites and museums as well as some picturesque streets that give a truly medieval feeling on the sound of horse hooves.

The price for half an hour on the carriage is 50 euros. It does not matter how many people in the carriage take place, however, there is a maximum of 5 people. The price of 50 euros is a fixed price by the tourist office of Bruges. Negotiating or appealing to different coachmen, therefore, makes little or no sense.