The remarkable world of the La Balade des Gnomes hotel

Architect, Mr Noel, designed, built and operates 'La Balade des Gnomes' an very unusual hotel with 10 extraordinary rooms. The motto of the hotel is “all that you can imagine is real”. It is located near the historical small town of Durbuy in the Belgian Ardennes.

The inspiration for each of the hotel’s rooms comes from fairy tales and movies , “La Balade des Gnomes” translates as “the walk of the Gnomes”.

Each room is built around a specific theme. There is a Trojan horse where you can stay in, well, it's a giant wooden horse. Other rooms include the Macquarie Island room where your bed is a boat which appears to float on real water and there is a real beach with real sand in your room.

The suites are filled with wooden toadstools, starry skies and crooked windows. But they are also equipped with all modern confort en technical gadgets, WiFi and satellite TV included.

You can find the the hotel at this address: La Balade des Gnomes, Rowe dè Rèmoleû 20, Heyd. Belgium.

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