The Bond Moyson building in Ghent

On the 'Vrijdagsmarkt' in Ghent you can find the "Ons Huis' and 'Bond Moyson' buildings. They were built around 1898 in a so-called macaroni style, an eclectic set of all kinds of building styles and forms put together.

Picture by Pixabay

'Ferdinand Dierkens', the head architect of the socialists party in Ghent was in charge of the works. He intended to build a polyvalent complex: party palace, grocery store, cinema, pharmacy, trade union, hospital fund; It would all be accommodated. The second building was officially inaugurated in 1902 but it was ultimately used for purely functional and administrative purposes. The Bond Moyson (the Socialist health Service) and the Socialist Trade Union (ABVV) got their offices here.

Later architect  'Ferdinand Dierkens' build another complex that was used, and still is used today as a cultural center with concert hall, the 'Vooruit', meaning 'the future'.

You can find the Bond Moyson buildings at this address: Vrijdagsmarkt, Ghent.

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