Jacob Van Artevelde the hero of Ghent

Jacob Van Artevelde, nicknamed the Wise Man (1290-1345) was a Flemish leader and statesman. His statue stands fiercely and centrally on the beautiful Ghent Friday market square.

Jacob Van Artevelde' became a popular hero because he succeeded in reversing the boycott of English wool during the Hundred Years War. When France forbade its occupied territories to trade with the English, 'Jacob Van Artevelde' went against these orders and resumed the wool trade with England. Thanks to him, the Ghent textile industry was able to grow and keep its dominant position.

Picture by Paxabay

In 1863 Jacob Van Artevelde received his statue, initiated by King Leopold I, and a giant choir that sang the specially made 'Arteveldesong'. He also got a beer named after him. His statue was made by 'Pieter De Vigne' and it shows Jacob Van Artevelde pointing in the direction where England is located.