Elvis Presley's Belgian adventure

Guy Lambert is a talented singer who has had a lot of success in a London nightclub. The young heiress Jill Conway falls for Guy's charm and that, to the great despair of her guardian, uncle Gerald Waverly. He sends Jill to a boarding school in Brussels, not knowing that Guy also heads to Belgium for a singing assignment. On the boat, the two meet again and this is the beginning of the love story of 'Double trouble', the movie that brought Elvis Presley to Belgium.

In a way that is, because Elvis Presley never traveled to Belgium for real, the movie was completely shot in a Hollywood studio. Locations in Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels were built inside that studio. Pre Recorded film scenes with stand-ins were later edited in the movie.

Double Trouble, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1967

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