Castle de Renesse in Oostmalle

The castle of the Dukes 'de Renesse' is a landscape eye-catcher in the heart of Oostmalle, a small town in the province of Antwerp. The castle was rebuilt in a Flemish neo-Renaissance style after it had a turbulent history with a lot of destructions en looting In 1542 the construction of this castle was built on the ruins of a medieval castle. Since then it was rebuilt and modified many times. The 60 hectare park and the pond were built in 1830. In 1983, the town of Oostmalle became the owner of the castle and some of the grounds surrounding it. A foundation is running the castles daily affairs in behalf of the town.

Currently the buildings are used for cultural purposes. The interior conserves different colorful rooms in neo and empire styles. The former coach house is now a cafe and restaurant. On the parking lot of the castle area you can choose between two marked hiking trails: the 'Wolfkapelpad' (5 km) and the 'Renesse-Salphenpad' (11 km).

In the domaine surrounding the castle grounds 'De Renesse', is a 127 hectare nature reserve, you can discover the English garden and remarkable foreign trees like the sequoia or mammoth tree. That domain is also open to the public throughout the whole year.

You can find the castle, its parks and nature reserve at this address: Domein de Renesse, Lierselei 30

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