The zoutwerf quay in Mechelen

The name of the quay next to the river  'Dijle' refers to the alone right that the city of Mechelen manage to get in 1301 to trade salt. Alongside the quay you can find the last houses of the city that have a wooden facade. The 16th century house with the name 'De Zalm' meaning 'The Salmon' is one of the most beautiful historical houses of the city. Originally that house was owned by the fish traders, it's the place where they used to sell their fish. In the same street the 'Waag' and the 'Steur' are also two historical houses that have an wooden facade.

The so-called 'Lepelaar' at number 17, has one is the most beautiful gothic style facades. It was built by architect Keldermans. The house was heavily damaged by the 1944 bombings in the Second World War and collapsed afterwards.

You can find the houses and the quay at this address: Zoutwerf, Mechelen.

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