Castle Hof ter Linden in Edegem

The 'Hof ter Linden' castle is a classicist style castle located in a highly wooded domain near the town of Edegem in the province of Antwerp.

The construction of original castle began around the 15th century. It was then described as the house with bridge and gate. Between 1587 and 1588, the castle was occupied by Irish soldiers, these soldiers left the building in a dilapidated state and until 1609 the castle remained unchanged and in decay. The castle was restored in its original state later that year.

In 1724 a lane was built on the east side of the castle and one year later, in 1725 the castles was used as a court of plaisance. The large double linden tree lane between the castle and the church dates back to 1756 and gave the castle its current name, ' Hof ter Linden' meaning 'The castle at the linden trees'.

Between 1770 and 1773 the current Classicist style castle was built on behalf of ' Neuf'. The interior had intact Louis XVI salons. The so-called "big salon" is designed by the French sculptor 'Clodion', the dining room with bass reliefs is designed by  sculptor 'G.L.Godecharle'. The carriage house and the 17th century stables were probably added between 1751 and 1770.

The castle is now the property of the town of Edegem and is used for different kinds of festivities, you can find it at this address: Drie Eikenstraat 13, Edegem.

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