The daily flea market of Brussels

The daily flea market in Brussels is located in the 'Marollen', the most typical folksy district of the city. Here the people still speak the original Brussels dialect language, a strong Flemish (Dutch) accent with a lot of French words in it.

The flea market at the 'vossenplein' is like the people who organise it and live in the neighbourhood: Shabby, simple and one-fold. You can find almost anything here, however you could something wonder where they are getting it all from. Scrolling down the cardboard boxes, tables and blankets can be very interesting sometimes, you never know what you can come across and it could be very cheap to buy it.

The market has a long history and dates back to 1873. It is organised daily from the early morning till noon. Looking for that old atlas of America? That record of Michael Jackson? Come on over, the 'Marollen' will welcome you.

You can find the flea market at this address: Vossenplein, Brussels.  

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