The powder tower of Bruges

The 'Poertoren' meaning  the 'Powder Tower'  rises 18 meters above the bruges minnewater waterline. It was built in 1401 by master mason 'Jan van Oudenaerde' and is a remnant of the late Middle Ages reinforcement wall around the city. The tower was used to stock the cities gunpowder supply. Later, in 1785 it was used as an ice cellar.

The tower was restored between 1989 and 1991 to the design of architect A. Cottyn. In 1991 the building became a protected monument by the UNESCO world heritage programme. The 'Poertoren' is located on the 'Begijnvest' in Bruges, next to the bridge over the very romantic Minnewater.

Along this tower you can walk along the bridge further to the waterfront and so around the Bruges city center. A walk that takes you past the various city gates and the mills on the 'Kruisvest'.

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