The chapel in the woods

In the middle of the 'Buggenhoutbos' one of the biggest forests in Flanders you can find the 'boskapel' chapel. The chapel was built between 1505 and 1506 by 'Jacoba van Heffene' in honor of her husband and knight 'Jan de Rijcke'. He was killed while hunting by a wild boar. The chapel is built on the same spot he died.

The baroque style building is also dedicated to 'Our sweet Lady of sorrows'. Between 1664 and 1667 the chapel was rebuild by 'Alexander van Bournonville', his Coat of arms and the year 1667 are still on the facade. Inside the the chapel you can find some unieke pieces of art and decorations by different famous Belgian sculptors like 'Filips de Backer' and 'Van Passel'. In 1950 the chapel was restored and is now a protected monument.

The 'Buggenhout' woods and its chapel are open to the public, you can find it at this address: Kasteelstraat 212, Buggenhout.

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