The town hall of Bruges

The town hall of Bruges is one of the oldest town halls in the Benelux and is build on the 'Brug' square, the old historical center of the city. The construction of the town hall begon in 1376, in 1421 it was completed. It was built in the form of a shrine, in late Gothic style, a style that can be found in other Flemish city's al well, one of them is the town hall of Leuven.

The building has a rectangular ground plan, corner towers and a high pitched roof. On the facade there are statues of biblical and historical counts and countesses of Flanders, protected under ornate canopies. The impressive, rich design of the town hall reflects the prosperity of Bruges in the 14th century.

You can find the town hall of Bruges at this address: Burg 12, Bruges.

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