The Brussels Stock Exchange building

The Brussels Stock Exchange is an eclectic-style building built between 1868 and 1873. It is designed by architect Léon-Pierre Suys. The building also gives its name to the 'Beursplein', the square in front of the building, and is located on the Anspach Boulevard in the center of Brussels.

The building has an abundance of sculptures created by artists such as Jean-Joseph Jacquet, Guillaume De Groot, Victor De Haen, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, and Antoine-Joseph Van Rasbourgh. Also, Auguste Rodin would have worked on some of the sculptures.

Over the years, the building had a lot of renovations. Especially in the period from 1930 to 1950. A third floor was added and the central side walls were extended. Today the building is not used as a Stock Exchange anymore but is being renovated again to serve as a beerhouse and museum in 2018. The stairs in front of the building are a popular meeting point for students and tourists.