The Bonne-Chière mill in Bruges

You can find the Bonne-Chière mill in Bruges on the Kruisvest, on the outskirts of the city. The mill has been built in 1844 and served as a corn and oil mill. The mill was originally from another town nearby, Olsene, it was demolished there and rebuilt in its current place in 1911 to replace a mill that was damaged due to a heavy weather storm in 1903. On its current location, the mill has never been used, it's only there as a tourist attraction.

Picture by Pixabay

The mill has three so-called attics: the stone floor, where the grinding seats are located, the grinding floor where the flour was collected, and the lower loft that was used to stack bags. The mill is not open to the public. In total there are 4 mills on the Bruges 'Kruisvest' The other ones are The Sint-Janshuismolen, De Nieuwe Papegaai and the Koelewei mill.