Manneken Pis museum in Brussels

The most famous resident of Brussels, Manneken Pis, has its own museum. In the museum, you can see a selection of nearly 1,000 costumes Manneken Pis has worn over the years. Many of the costumes are gifts from around the world. Every year there are about fifteen new costumes added.

Picture by Pixabay

Until recently, the Manneken Pis wardrobe was housed in the nearby Bread House, but according to the city of Brussels, it was high time for its own full-fledged museum.

The museum opened on February 4, 2017, with a big party. Manneken Pis himself got a new outfit for the occasion. The new suit is a replica of the first costume the Brussels monument ever wore.

You can find the museum at this address: Eikstraat, Brussels.