The donkey gate in Bruges

The Ezelpoort or donkey gate is one of the four remaining city gates of Bruges. The gate belongs to the second Bruges city walls dating back to 1297. It was rebuilt in 1369 by local architects Jan Slabbaert and Mathias Saghen modeled on the other two remaining gates, the Smeden gate, and the Boeverie gate. In the 17th century, the gate was radically rebuilt in stages, in 1615, in 1632, and in 1677. A thorough restoration of the current design was done between 1991 and 1993.

Typically for this gate is that it is completely surrounded by water, just like the Smeden gate. Today the gate is only used by pedestrians and cyclists. The gate was formerly also referred to as the Ostend Gate because people crossing the gate ran into the road to the city by the coast, Ostend.

Today the gatehouse houses the administration of Anima Eterna, this music group is the resident orchestra of the city of Bruges.