Evert Larock, a talent quenched

Evert Larock (1865 - 1901) was a Belgian painter from Kapelle-op-den-Bos. He was a member of the artist's associations 'If I Can' and 'The XIII'. He could have been one of the biggest painters of his time.

Evert Larock in his study

At the age of 15, Larock started an evening course drawing at the Academy of Mechelen, later he was enrolled in an evening class at the Academy of Antwerp. In the daytime, he worked for the decorative painter and decorator Henri Verbueken. During his military service in 1884, the first symptoms of TB started to manifest in his body. He was expelled from further military services and started a day course at the academy of Antwerp, he also started to paint for a living. But the disease would play an important role in the production of his works and in the rest of his short life.

Evert Larock - De etser

Despite his illness and sometimes long absences he tried to expose as much as possible, which was only possible with the help of his friends. Gradually his works were exhibited and sold throughout Europe - Paris, Bordeaux, Wrocław, Düsseldorf, and Cologne.

Evert Larock - Dorpstraat na onweer

However, his first real big exhibition called 'Art of Today' (1901) was organized after he's dead and may be called a tribute to his work. Some of these works testify to the talent he had to become a remarkable big painter and artist.