The secret of baking real original Belgian fries

The  big secret of baking real original Belgian fries is that the potatoes are fried twice. Once to make them tender or soft and a second time to make them golden brown and crispy. You can wait hours before you do the second baking, that way you can do the second one right before serving them. The second baking only takes 2 minutes. When they are floating at the surface there done.

Another tip is to use big potatoes, not small and young once. Cut the potatoes thick enough so the fat used can't penetrate to much to make them to greasy inside. Bake the fries on a temperature between 140 and 160 ° C that is between 275 and 325 ° F. It's better to uses a specialized electric frying kitchen appliance, if you don't have one use a electric stoof and not one on gas and don't let to fat get to hot. Make sure the fries are dry before you throw them into the fat because water and hot fat don't mix too well.

Belgian fries are normally served with mayonnaise. The traditional and national Belgian dish is fries with beef pot roast and mayonnaise. Sometimes accompanied a salad.

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