The museum for musical instruments Brussels

The museum opened in 2000. Not only the musical intruments collection is amazing but also the building it is situated in, one of the most beautiful art-nouveau buildings in Brussels. The museum combines different collections that were previously stored in other locations into one big collection with more than 7000 instruments. There are three subdivisions: Old Music, Modern Music and Traditional Music.

The museum is located in the restaurated Old England building. The original building opened in 1899 as a warehouse. The design by architect Paul Saintenoy is done in complete art-nouveau style with a lot of use of cast iron, metal and glass. Also the next door building in neoclassical is integrated in the museum, giving it a big contrast between the two buildings. On the top floor of the museum there is a restaurant with terrace and a great view over the city.

Take a virtual walk in the museum with Google Maps here or you can find the museum at this address: Hofberg 2, Brussels. 

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