Rue des Bouchers Brussels

Rue des Bouchers, De Beenhouwersstraat or in English the Butcher Street is a medieval street complex of  3 alleys in the historic center of Brussels. The streets are famous for their restaurants. Some say the restaurant density in the streets is the highest one in the world. The restaurants serve all kinds of dishes, going from the local Brussels stoemp with sausage to the moules frites (mussels with fries). There are also some fish dishes served.

The oldest street dates back to 1366, at that time it was called the Cleyn Beenhouwersstraete or the small butchers street. It was the street were all the sausage makers and butchers had their shops. Today there are only restaurants where you can almost always eat outside on the terraces, in summer and in winter.

You can find the streets at this address:  Rue des Bouchers, Beenhouwersstraat, Brussels.

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