The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries in Brussels

A glass roof of hundreds of meters, classified by UNESCO world heritage, can be found in the center of Brussels in the Royales Galeries of Saint-Hubert. Underneath it, there are unique shops, restaurants a cinema, and a theater complex.

Picture by Pixabay

The galleries are divided into three parts: the Queen's Gallery, the Royal Gallery, and the Prince Gallery. They are the work of architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar and were designed in 1837. After completion, they were called "The Umbrella of Brussels".  The galleries are one of the favorite places for Brussels people and tourists. Only a few meters away from the famous Grand Place in Brussels, in the heart of the capital, More than 6 million people walk under the beautiful glass gallery every year.

Picture by Pixabay

Previously, you had to pay to access the galleries. 25 cents on Thursday and Sunday and 10 cents on another day. Today the entrance is completely free. In the galleries today you can find great quality brands and the most trendy boutiques: haute couture or fantasy, But also the original shops, a cutlery shop, a glove shop, a hat and umbrella shop, jewelers, bookstores, world-famous chocolatiers, and restaurants.

Picture by Pixabay

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