St. Andrew's church in Antwerp

The St. Andrew's Church today is located in the Antwerp fashion district, but it wasn't always like that. The church was originally built in a poor's people neighborhood, a district of hard workers and fighters for freedom. At that time it was also called the church of misery.

The look of the building is mainly set up in a gothic style, the tower however has a more baroque style. Inside, the architects have more been inspired by the baroque style. Lots of marble works, statues, ornate ornaments. Especially the pulpit has a real realistic image of Saint Andrew, the patron of the church. It tells the story of how Jesus Christ asked fisherman Andrew to leave his nets behind and become an apostle. Furthermore, there is also the monument to the Scottish queen Mary Stuart, the high altar from the lost abbey church of Hemiksem, and artwork from Otto van Veen, an apprentice of Antwerp's most famous painter Rubens.

The patron Saint Andrew is the protector of fishermen, fishmongers, singers, spinners, sailors, and the masons. He is invoked against gout, neck stiffness, cramps, and dysentery and further for marital happiness and the blessing for children.