Haverwerf in Mechelen

In 1301 the city of Mechelen got the right to trade oats. The Haverwerf (meaning the Oatworks) became a busy part of the city with loading bays and public houses. Three beautiful houses still remaining today remind us of that glorious age of the city.

The houses have particular names, Sint-Jozef (Saint-Joseph) De duiveltjes (the little devils), and Paradijske (little paradise). The three contiguous houses are part of one of the most beautiful views of the city. The facade of the Sint-Jozef house is built in 1669 by architect Lucas Faydherbe. The duiveltjes house has a wooden facade from the 16th century and is build by Rombout Keldermans.

 You can find the houses at this address: Haverwerf 20, Mechelen.

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