Typically Belgian, the Kissdance

There are all kinds of dances in the world, going from classic to modern and from folklore to traditional. In the ages these dances were spread all over the world, but there is one dance you won't find anywhere except in belgium, the Kissdance, or in Flemish the Kuskesdans.

Where the dance comes from nobody really knows, except that it always starts with the song La Bamba from Ritchie Valens. There is no other way the start the dance. Dj's tried other songs, but with no success. It has to be "La Bamba" or there will be no Kuskesdans.

The dance is quit simple. When people hear the first notes of the song, most of them gather around in a circle and start walking in one direction. Some other people get inside the circle and start looking at the people walking arround. When they see somebody they like, they pick them out of the circle and give them 3 kisses on the cheeks. Why 3? Well that's another story. in Belgium people give 3 kisses when they meet. Once the 3 kisses are given, the people who did the kissing change sides, the one goes in the circles and the other chooses somebody else to kiss. The whole dance takes about 15 to 20 minutes, After La Bamba other songs are added.

When you have the luck to be picked more than once by the same boy or girl, you might get lucky afterwards. Because after the Kuskesdans it's time for some romantic slow songs. And if your favorite kisser picks you out again, can have a close and romantic dance. You have no idea how many Belgian couples met each other this way.

The dance is never done in big dance clubs and disco's, always in private, student or wedding parties. So next time you are at a Belgian party and you hear La Bamba setting in, be aware, you might find the partner of your life with a single kiss.