The park bridge of Antwerp

There is a new bridge in the north side of Antwerp. The bridge is only for Pedestrians and bicyclers. The steel bridge of 67 meters long, 10 meters wide, weighs 170 tons and connects the nearby "Park Spoor Noord" with the north side of the city center. Because one side of the bridge is very steep, designers added a special bike escalator.

On Friday, July 8th the pedestrian and cyclist bridge was inaugurated. On one side the Park Bridge rests on the "Tower of London" (no, not that tower of London, the one in Antwerp) on the side of "Park Spoor Noord" the bridge rest on the main building of the Artesis Plantijn school for higher education.

The bridge, with its unusual form is a remarkable gateway to the north of the city center. It is a true piece of art totaly made on a different location and placed in just one day on its final destination.

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