The caves of Goyet

The Caves of Goyet are an exceptional archaeological site in Belgium which you can visit, just a few kilometres from Namur.

Goyet cave entrance
Located in one of the most beautiful valleys of Wallonia and inhabited by virtually all cultures of prehistory, Goyet caves have yielded many archaeological material.

The quantity and quality of this material is the site one of the major Belgian and European archaeological sites.

Grotte de Goyet
In the hollow of a 90 hectare limestone massif, the Caves of Goyet bear witness to an exceptional past. In fact, discovered on this site, among others have been the skull of the oldest dog in the world, the main Belgian prehistoric works of art or the grave of a child around 12 years old dating back to the recent Neolithic age.

The skull of the Goyet dog
Be aware, recent studies discovered that the first Belgians living in the caves were also cannibals. But on the other hand, they were very musical. Prehistoric musical instruments discovered or identified by archaeologists are rare, the Flute of Goyet is without contradiction a great discovery for the knowledge of the life of the prehistoric man. 

the Flute of Goyet
Accompanied by a guide, you can enter one of Belgium's most beautiful networks, follow in the footsteps of your ancestors and discover the secrets of fire. Perhaps you'll come across the newest residents of Goyet, the bats!

You can find the caves at this address: Grottes de Goyet - Rue de Strouvia, 3 - 5340 Gesves.

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