An always changing street In Ghent

Did you know there is a street in Ghent designated for graffiti artists? Ghent is a very cultural city in every way and is not afraid to add new kinds of art to the enormous collection the city already has. One of the new kinds of art started just by accident, or put it in other words, it just was there one night.

The "Werregarenstraat" is a very narrow street between the "Hoogpoort" and the "Onderstraat", right in the center of the city. The street in the past had no touristic value whatsoever, it's just a passage van one point to another. The kind of alley you rather not pass alone, especially at night. Needless to say that this kind of street is a dream canvas for graffiti artists. And what started as only one graffiti expression at night quickly became an artistic battle between different graffiti artists.

The appearance of the street changes all the time as the artists constantly add and change graffiti decorations. There are only two rules for graffiti artists and these are; Don't paint overwork that is better than yours and clean your mess up afterward.

Sometimes employees of the city paint the walls bleu again. Not that they want the graffiti artists to stop painting the walls, they just want them to start all over again. Speaking of contemporary art? There you have it.

Are you in the neighborhood of the "Werregarenstraat" during your visit to Ghent? Be sure to walk alongside the street and experience what it does to you.