The Friday kitsch and antiques market in Antwerp

Every Friday there is this kitsch and antique market in the center of Antwerp at the "Vrijdagmarkt" square. The market has a long history and has been organized since 1549.  People from everywhere go there with cardboard boxes that are packed full of different kinds of used stuff, Going from single door handles to complete old cabinets, from little figurines to big paintings. Even bikes and kitchen supplies are possible together with clothes and shoes.

The weekly market always attracts hundreds of local visitors and tourists, all looking for that one interesting deal or item to find or just to sniff up the authentic atmosphere. You won't find any real art on the market. However, you really never know. On the other hand, kitsch is apparently very popular these days, or what about some vintage stuff? Maybe you will find that old toaster you were looking for or some new old vintage chairs.

In the middle of the square is the statue of Holy Catharina. This lady from the 4th century is the patroness of the kleerkopers or in English the beggars. Holy Catharina thanks her name to the "Catherine wheel" better known as the Breaking wheel a torture device used for capital punishment during medieval times. Somehow she escaped the torture wheel when it broke while used on her.

Remember, Antwerp is a very old city with a lot of very old buildings. The building is being freshened up all the time. Stuff has to go and maybe one of the things that have to go is that one thing you are looking for. Bring out the gold digger in you and visit the "Vrijdagmarkt". Next to the Friday market square is the Plantin Moretus Museum.