The Belgian beers wall in Bruges

Almost everybody knows that Belgium is one of the leading country's when it comes to beers. But did you know that in Bruges you can find a wall of Belgian Beers? There are 1250 different real ales in different cabinets, along with their accompanying glass. Some of them don't have a label. The cabinets are 30 meters long and most of the cabinets are outside in all weathers conditions, even in winter. The beers are arranged alphabetically as described in the book All Belgian Beers.

Picture by Pixabay

A new setup (about 1500 pieces) will be done after publication of the new edition later this year. Entrance is free but the wall and the cafe sometimes draws too many people on the weekends, but then again, that has always been the fate of Bruges the beautiful! The cafe is called "2be" and has a fantastic location and amazing terraces view. You can drink beers from one of the 14 taps at the Cafe, all taps run different beers ranging from two "Trappist beers", "coconut beer", "cherry bean beer" to the more heavier beers such ass the "cuvée de chateau". The beers on the taps change throughout the Year .

You can find the Beer Wall at this address, "2be Wollestraat 53, Bruges".

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