The Paulus church in Antwerp

This former monastery church of the dominicans dates back to 1571. The building is a feast for the eye. The beautiful baroque altars, the sublime furniture, the main organ, the more than 200 statues.

There are more than 50 paintings, including a suite of 15 works of Jordaens, Rubens, Teniers, Van Balen, Van Dyck. They give the church its unique appearance. Their beautiful paintings are still in their original place. It is a lush but mysterious church, which was severely damaged by a fire in 1968.

The church also has a treasure room, which holds and guards the most precious artifacts and gifts the church owns. Most of them are from silver and gold, but you also can come across some unique documents. 

The calvarial garden next door looks like an image fragment of an epic film about Christ's suffering and resurrection. It is an experience you will have never encountered before, scary at some point.

The church is open to the public and can be visited every afternoon, you can find it at this address: Veemarkt 14, Antwerp.