Skiing in Belgium

There are several small ski resorts in Belgium where visitors can take on some exciting and beautiful routes. From speedy downhill slaloms, to outstanding cross country trials, Belgium skiing has it all. Here Are some ski trips in this brilliant European destination.

Mont des Brumes

Located between Francorchamps and La Gleize,Montdes Brumes is the nice skiing resort. The beautiful snow coated hills provide visitors with endless hours of pure adventure. The resort is open from 10am till 6pm throughout the scenic snowy winter months.

Hautes Fagnes

For visitors looking for ideal cross country skiing routes, Hautes Fagnes, is the place to be. The resort provides tourists with the perfect spots be discover. The stunning, hills around this area are guaranteed to captivate visitors and give them a scenery they will never forget. Whether skiers are looking for long trials or short routes.

Baraque de Fraiture

One of the most popular resorts in Belgium, Baraque de Fraiture, is full of both beauty and energy. With ski lifts that reach peaks up to 625 meters high. The highest point in Belgium. Skiing here is fast and exhilarating, making it ideal for those more intermediate skiers wanting to push themselves to the next level. For those who have little fear and a lot of bravery, this resort is the perfect place to go.


Near the highest peak in Belgium, Ovifat is another top destination for skiers. With a variation of mild ski runs and white-knuckle trails, the Ovifat area is perfect for those of all abilities. From families wanting a gentle journey, to professionals wanting to hone their skills.

In Belgium during the snowy winter months. Go skiing!

The Heimolen of Aarselaar Antwerp

De Heimolen or 'Molen van' t Heiken 'is the only remaining original windmill in the district south of Antwerp. It is a standard mill from 1801 with a closed base for grinding grains. In 1957 the Heimolen was so badly damaged by a lightning strike, that the owner did not wanted the repair it. Thanks to the financial support of a mr. Sheid it was able to purchase the mill from the town council and have it thoroughly restored. In 1963 he was inaugurated again.

In 1978 a second restoration followed and since then he has been classified, together with his immediate surroundings. The last restoration dates back to 1998. Recently, the local authorities once again released money for a new restoration.

De Heimolen is open every second and last Sunday of the month from 1 to 5 pm. Group visits on other days can be requested in advance. You can find it at this address: Steenweg op Reet, 25, Aartselaar.

Castle Cortewalle Beveren

The first stone of the Cortewalle castle must have been laid in the beginning of the 15th century. It is a beautiful water castle although there have been some big renovations over the years.

Some rooms and the chapel are open to the public and can be visited with a guided tour. In the attic there is a museum. There are also regularly exhibitions and concerts held at the castle. Around the castle there is a park of approx. 10 hectares including a unique coach house dating back to the 18th century. The coach house is now a café and restaurant. Also very interesting is the cast iron bridge and a number of artworks surrounding the castle.

As an visitor you can only see the castle on a guided tour from May to September, every first and third Sunday of the month. The visit is free. The entrance to the garden is also free.

You can find the castle at this address: Zwarte Dreef 1, Beveren.