The Euro Space Center of Transinne

The Euro Space Center is a unique leisure and discovery park situated in Transinne, a small town in the Belgian Ardennes. The Center was inaugurated in 1991 and  is based on the US Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. It uses the same advanced equipment and software as the real astronauts training at the Marshall Space Flight Center, which is also located in Huntsville.

The space center also established the Euro Space Society, which is run by Belgian astronaut Dirk Frimout. The society aims to interest a wide audience, mainly young people, for space science and technology.

You can find the space discovery park at this address: Devant les Hêtres 1, 6890 Transinne.

The castle of Vêves

The castle of Vêves is situated in Houyet, a town in the Belgian province of Namur. After a long and eventful history, the castle is now a tangible example of the vibrant way of life in the past centuries. Its also a wonderful example of the military architecture of that time.

The 15th Century castle is build on a grassy hill and with its heavy walls, five-pointed towers and high windows, the building looks like a fairytale castle. Timbered balconies overlook a completely enclosed courtyard. Parts of the interior, such as the huge medieval kitchens are still robust and original, the living quarters are rebuild in a 18th-century style.

The castle is owned by the same family for more than eight centuries now. The family Beaufort, Barons of Celles, handed it over to their descendants, the Counts of Liedekerke-Beaufort Celles.

You can find the castle at this address: Rue de Furfooz 3, Houyet.

The castle of Jemeppe

The castle of Jemeppe, also known as Castle Hargimont, is a castle in Hargimont a little town  in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. The castle is of medieval origin.

In the Middle Ages the manor of Jemeppe was only a few buildings surrounded by a swamps and the Hédrée river. It offered little or no protection against the ruling families of Namur and Luxembourg, which fought since the twelfth century over control of the territory of Durbuy and La Roche.

Picture by Jack Destexhe
At the beginning of the 13th century a more fortified house was built together with a moats surrounding the castle. Access was only possible through a single bridge and gate The first two floors were used as living quarters, two floors above it were more simple and were used by the staff for storage and as protection for the residents of the estate.

In 1616 the castle was again fortified with a tower making it more square. Also a double moat and a farm were added in the same period. The wings were further modernized between 1739 and 1748 and more windows were added.

Between 1865 and 1875, Adrien de Sauvage-Vercour the new owner,  did some extensive renovations at the castle. He added saddle roofs on the wings and a steep roof on top of the  oldest tower.

Today the castle is used as an event venue and hotel. You can find it at this address: Rue Félix Lefèvre 24, Hargimont, Belgium.

Park Vordenstein

Hiking and castle park Vordenstein, with its 110 hectares of French and English architectural style gardens is a feast for the senses. Hikers can enjoy rare trees, wide majestic avenues, open grasslands and natural ponds.

The park also houses the orangery, built around 1800 in a neoclassicism style. The Orangery is listed as a protected heritage. The now beautifully restored Orangery of Vordenstein with its surrounded landscaped garden gives the park an extra glamour.

You can find the park at this address: Kopstraat 10, Schoten, Antwerp.