The tranquility of the Bruges Beguinage

The Beguinage is an oasis of tranquility in the always busy touristic Bruges. About thirty white little houses are set up around a green courtyard. The courtyard is filled with poplars and in spring the lawn is filled with white and yellow Easter flowers.

The Royal Beguinage is founded in 1245 by 'Margaretha of Constantinople'. The Beguinage is considered a highly respected place at that time and the beguines get special privileges by the Burgundy Court.

The Beguinage is built in a courtyard type of building, meaning that all the houses are lined up next to each other round the courtyard with the church in the middle. It is not shaped as a little villages like the Beguinage of Leuven and Lier. The only entrance to the Beguinage is by a bridge that crosses the river 'Reie'. A gateway at the end of the bridge can be closed if necessary.

Just like the beguines used to do, the people of Bruges and its tourist can enter the Beguinage to come at ease in this UNESCO world heritage protected place. In front of the Beguinage you can find the very romantic 'Minnewater' park.

You can find  the Beguinage at this address: Begijnhof 3-7, Bruges.


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