The chapel of the St. Vincentius hospital in Antwerp

Hospitals these days have to be modern and well equipped to serve the needs of medical treatments that are necessary today. But what do you do with an old hospital building? The architects of the St. Vincentius hospital in Antwerp had the perfect solution. For the design of a new entrance and wing, the architects integrated some old aspects of the original building into the new one. The impressive facade and the chapel behind it were used to make a totally new modern building.

The original hospital was built in 1922 by the catholic order 'The sisters of love' who made it into a hospital for the poor. The chapel inside the hospital was used as a house of prayer but also as a full service church. it has its own altar, shrine and organ. The chapel can be visited very easy because it is at the entrance of the hospital building and you can walk right in. The chapel is daily open to the public no matter what your religion is.

The chapel is sure worth a visit, it's got some great art and is build in a art-deco kinda style. You can find the St. Vincentius hospital and its chapel at this address: Sint-Vincentiusstraat 20, 2018 Antwerp.

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