The Boerentoren of Antwerp

The 'Boerentoren' (in English the farmers tower) or more recently the KBC tower is a listed building in Art Deco style in the center of Antwerp. When the building of the tower was completed in 1931, it was the first skyscraper in Europe. The tower was then 87.5 meters high, also making it the tallest office building at that time in Europe. In Antwerp only the nearby Cathedral of Our Lady is higher.

The tower got his nickname as 'farmers tower' because of the involvement of the then Belgian Farmers Association that was  building the tower for the General Bank Society. The tower got status of 'protected monument' on July 17, 1981. Now the building is used as a office building for the Belgian KBC bank. Some floors however can be used as exposition areas.

You can find the KBC tower at this address:   Eiermarkt 20, Antwerp.

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