The chapel of my neighbor across the road in 's Gravenwezel

In the rich history of the Belgian patrimonium you can find sometimes very strange buildings at the most peculiar places. What about this very small "kapel van de Overbuur" or in English "The Chapel of my neighbor across the road"? It's alongside a road in s' Gravenwezel, a place in the north of the city Antwerp.

The chapel is hidden with rhododendron bushes surrounding it and is on the grounds of the "Catershof Castle". Originally the small brick building was a common bakehouse, a place that was used to bake bread and cakes for the nearby castles of s' Gravenwezel and the "Catershof Castle" itself. The bakehouse was build in the second half of the 18th century. Later, when the baking was done in the castles, the bakehouse was appointed as a Our Lady Chapel. The remarkable thing is that the Maria statue inside of the chapel is also made of a kind a bread dough and is still good preserved today. Aldo making an image of the virgin Mary is not easily made with that kind of material, so you could say it's kind of a ugly piece of art.

In 1980 the chapel was listed as protected monument and is open to the public, if you can find it. Parking you car nearby is impossible and you will have to walk to it. The chapel needs some repairs, so be carefull when you enter it. You can find it at this address: Sint Jobsteenweg (no number), Schilde.

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