Nature reserve Oude Landen in Ekeren

The Oude Landen is a 100-hectare nature reserve on Antwerp's northern edge. The area is a protected landscape since 1980 and was recognized in 2002 as a nature reserve.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The reserve is located on the former military domain barracks of the district "Luchtbal" and is owned by the City of Antwerp, who furnished a police school in the barracks and had the intention to make the "Oude Landen" a residential area. The plan was dropped later. Until 1929 the area was part of the town of Ekeren.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The park is bounded by a railway track, the "Ekeren Steenweg" road, and the center of Ekeren. At the border of the reserve lies the Veltwijck Park and Castle.

The reserve is located in the "Oudelandse Beek" valley and is known for its orchids wealth and large population of reed birds like the bluethroat and reed bunting. In the reserve they sometimes let Galloway cattle graze. In the south, the reserve hangs in the valley of the Laarse Beek. The "Oude Landen is managed by an origination named "Natuurpunt". and is free to visit. The "Hof de Bist Park" and the "Chapel of the Bist" are also very near.

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