The hof de Bist park in Ekeren

In the northern district of Antwerp, Ekeren, there is a beautiful park called "Hof de Bist", named now after the environment where it is situated in, but originally the park was called "Hof van Guyot". The park is perfect for a nature walk and has different facilities for everybody to use. There is a children playground, a nearby cafe and restaurant with big terraces located in a converted farmhouse dating from the second half of the 19th century, a big free parking lot right next to the park and of course the wooded nature park itself.  In the park there is a constant exhibition of sculptures. These sculptures are setup round the park and for you to discover. In the middle of the park you can find a neoclassical castle build in 1873 by "Emiel E. Guyot", the mayor of Ekeren at that time. The castle is used as a cultural center. The park is now owed by the city of Antwerp.

The park is free to visit and dogs are allowed. The Hof de Bist park is only a few hundred meters away from the Veldwijck castle park, so both parks can easily visited in one trip or day.   You can find it at this address "Veltwijcklaan 254-258 Ekeren, Antwerp". Also very near to the park is "The Veldwijck park and castle" and "The chapel of Bist"

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